AVTOVAZ replaced another Grants unit

Already in August, AVTOVAZ will start production of anti-crisis subsidies in the Classic configuration with air conditioning. This has not yet been officially announced. Keep in mind that anti-crisis frets are a temporary phenomenon. The company is gradually finding new component suppliers and adding old options and features to cars. As a result, the factory does not stand still, as indeed with dealers who sell Frets, and the shortage of new cars on the market is reduced.

A nice bonus from the anti-crisis Lads was the price, which turned out to be about 100 thousand rubles lower. Now, with air conditioning, it can increase by 17 thousand rubles if the buyer orders such a version of the car, writes Atypical AVTOVAZ.

In addition, Grants will get alloy wheels again in August. Other things will gradually return: anti-lock braking system, ERA-GLONASS airbags, 16-valve engines, multimedia systems and so on.

Source: Z R


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