Traffic rules were called too complicated

The round table, organized by the Public Chamber, discussed the traffic rules, which have not changed for a year and a half.

“From 1 January 2021 it is prohibited to make changes to the traffic rules. You can only publish the new document in full,” Izvestia is quoting the words of Alexander Kholodov, deputy chairman of the Committee of the Opinion Chamber of the Russian Federation on security and interaction with the PMC.

Much has changed since 1994, when the current text of the SDA was adopted. This is partly reflected in the rules, and partly not. Gradually they become more complicated and it is time to change them.

“Changes complicate the text, and the text becomes heavy, understandable to specialists, participial and adverbial phrases appear,” said Vladislav Koptev, a consultant in the traffic management department of the Ministry of Transport.

Other experts argue for point changes and simplifications in some places in the text so that it is understandable not only for experts, but also for children.

In addition, the traffic regulations should introduce rules for personal mobility aids, discuss repeated accidents, finalize pedestrian safety rules, introduce a ban on mobile devices while driving and ensure that the problem of drones is solved.

Each of these issues requires discussions, in which everyone, every citizen, should be able to participate, says Alexander Kholodov.

Source: Z R


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