Avtotor started producing a new Chinese brand for Russia 19:01

At the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad, preparations are underway for the production of various models of the Chinese brand Forthing: T5, T5 Evo crossovers and Forthing M4 Yacht minivan. This was stated in a press release received by the editors of socialbites.ca. Production is planned to start in March this year and sales in the first quarter.

“During preparation, line personnel are trained, the conveyor line is equipped, equipment is installed and software is tested, special stands are produced for testing active vehicle safety systems, and automatic elements of the conveyor are configured and adjusted,” Avtotor notes.

Preparations have been ongoing for several months. The launch group included experts from the Avtotor Innovation and Technology Center and representatives of the Dongfeng company, which owns the brand. Ixen Motor Rus became the official distributor of Forthing in Russia.

It is stated that within the framework of cooperation in the production of Forthing automobiles, the use of domestic components is ensured by “gradually increasing the level of localization”.

Previously in Russia started Sales of cars under the Solaris brand.

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Source: Gazeta


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