Video captured the moment a passenger fell out of a Zhiguli car during an accident 16:01

In Krasnoe Selo, Leningrad Region, the driver of the Zhiguli car did not give way to the Kia Soul and collided with it. In this respect reports Public “Transport Kollas, Krasnoye Selo” on the social network “Vkontakte”. The video recording of the accident was also published there.

“The strong impact caused the Zhiguli to spin, and the passenger in the cabin flew out the rear window and onto the grass. Most likely, the passenger neglected the seat belts, as they were created to restrain people for such situations,” the message reads.

The woman was taken to hospital. Nothing is known about the condition of the drivers.

It happened before that knownA taxi car crossed into the oncoming lane and crashed into three cars in the south of Moscow. After that it flew off the highway towards the road work area and stopped. While there was no loss of life due to the accident and its causes, efforts are being made to clarify the information.

A businessman who previously went bankrupt and was a taxi driver in Novokuznetsk, burnt Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is a more successful rival.

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Source: Gazeta


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