Is Alusil better than cast iron in some ways: yes/no?

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— What is alusil and why is it used in the automotive industry?

– Alusil is an aluminum alloy with a large silicon fraction of about 12%. The production of cylinder blocks from this type of material is easier and cheaper than with cast iron liners.

Aluminum cylinder blocks without liners reduce the weight of the engine. Other advantages: the thermal conductivity of aluminum is higher than that of cast iron, in addition, there is no difference in expansion coefficients between these materials. The performance of this engine is excellent. But in the case of a major overhaul, such a cylinder block can only be lined.

The Alusil cylinder tread provides a lower coefficient of friction with the piston and rings, which reduces fuel consumption. But such a working layer is very thin and is easily damaged under shock loads and high temperatures. Therefore, such engines are very sensitive to detonation and overheating.

Coated cylinders allow the use of a closed block circuit with greater rigidity. But in general, the geometry of aluminum blocks already “floats” up to 100-150 thousand km.

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