Sales of Volkswagen Teramont with factory warranty started in Russia 14:25

A major dealer in Moscow has started selling the Volkswagen Teramont crossover. In this respect he is writing with reference to the manager of the car dealership. The new product is claimed to be brought from the Middle Kingdom with a “two-year factory warranty”.

The model can be purchased for 8 million rubles only in the top configuration. cash. The dealer promised big discounts when applying for a loan or returning an old car through a trade-in program. In this case, the price tag will decrease to approximately 7 million rubles. The manager also warned that the stated price will be valid only until the end of February, after which it will increase.

Volkswagen Teramont is equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine producing 220 horsepower. The maximum speed of the car reaches 200 km/h. In the top configuration, the model has climate control and cruise control, rain sensor, leather interior, all heated seats and much more.

The German company Volkswagen has suspended its operations in Russia in 2022. in January 2023 reportedVolkswagen Teramon crossovers officially delivered to the domestic market in the Moscow region are sold out.

Previously Renault made The world’s first car with a bread baguette holder.

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Source: Gazeta


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