New model from KAMAZ: first details

KAMAZ is preparing for the development of a new line of vehicles. According to the company’s press service, the creation of new models will use advanced technologies and digital solutions. It is also reported that some of the developed equipment will run on gas, and Gazprom is the main customer. Last Friday, KAMAZ general manager Sergey Kogogin and Gazprom board chairman Alexei Miller signed two cooperation agreements in St. Petersburg.

Under these agreements, KAMAZ will develop proof copies of new trucks. The equipment will be adapted to the needs of Gazprom and its subsidiaries.

These samples will be tested in real life and the test locations will be determined, customer representatives will participate directly in the tests and approve the results.

The next phase of cooperation is to create a so-called roadmap, i.e. action plan for the creation and further purchase of the developed machines.

There are no technical details yet. But we can remember that these companies are not working together for the first time. One of the results was the development of special main tractors KAMAZ-5490 NEO, powered by LNG and designed to transport isothermal containers of liquid helium from the Amur gas processing plant. In addition, the companies have been working together for many years to develop the gas engine fuel market in Russia.

  • In the short term, however, KAMAZ is struggling and even a rollback to Euro-2 engines is possible.
  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

Source: Z R


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