Imports of imported auto parts may be restricted in Russia 08:54

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is discussing with the business world the possibility of removing the products of some automobile brands from the Parallel Import List. We are mainly talking about spare parts and auto components. It was about this known Izvestia from the Ministry’s correspondence with the Russian Association of Automobile Dealers (ROAD) and the Automotive Services Association.

“Among all the spare parts used for car repairs supplied in the industry through parallel imports, ROAD and the Automotive Services Association do not see in all articles a single brand whose products are completely replaced by Russian manufacturers,” the letter says.

It was noted that the restriction on the import of imported auto parts will reduce the amount of counterfeit products both imported from customs and produced within the country. It will also allow the transfer of price control to legal product manufacturers and impose warranty obligations on importers and manufacturers.

It happened before that knownHe said that Russian owners of Chinese cars face delays in the supply of spare parts for repairs. Thus, the waiting time for major spare parts for Chinese cars can be up to five months. We’re talking transmissions, rear fenders, trunks and interior elements. The shortage primarily concerns brands recently sold in Russia: Changan, Li, Zeekr, FAW, BYD.

The shortage arose due to the fact that spare parts warehouses were not created in Russia and logistics for “made to order” products were not established. At the same time, industry representatives are confident that the problem of shortage of auto parts can be resolved before the end of 2024, when China will take a stronger position in the Russian market.

In 2023, Russians began to give more often preference Analogs instead of original spare parts. Drivers use their vehicles less to save fuel and preserve the life of their vehicles.

happened before knownPrices for car repair services in Russia increased by a quarter.

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Source: Gazeta


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