A new danger heading south

Joint patrols of the traffic police and bailiffs appeared on the roads leading to the south of Russia, to the Black Sea, the Azov and the Caspian Sea. On holiday south by car, one in seven runs the risk of being left without a car or other valuables. According to statistics from the Federal Bailiff Service, this year the number of debtors in our country reached 19 million people, and the total number of citizens is slightly more than 143 million people (of which the age of 18 to 44, for example, is 53.4 million people , and the ratio is already “every third”).

For example, Serhiy Radko, a lawyer for the public traffic of motorists “Freedom of choice”, warned during an interview on Sputnik radio about the danger of being without a car. He recommends checking all possible debts before the trip, including unpaid fines, so that bailiffs don’t seize the car.

‚ÄúThis approach really encourages defaulters to pay off their debts immediately, because otherwise their car can be kept. Anyone who travels south is willing to pay any amount on the spot, except to leave the car with the children, mother-in-law and all belongings somewhere in the steppe near Rostov, in the middle of the road between Moscow and Sochi. There were cases when the debtor’s property was arrested for unpaid 500 rubles. The law says that “property is seized for an amount sufficient for repayment. So if there is a decision to collect a fine of 500 rubles, and the car costs half a million rubles, then this amount is enough to pay off the debt,” explains the lawyer.

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