Unique UAZ limousine sent to the museum

This SUV is already 13 years old. In 2009, a limousine based on the UAZ Patriot was designed and produced at the plant. UAZ even got a patent on a car, apparently to bring about small-scale production of an off-road limousine. But today the patent has already expired and the factory has not renewed it.

Now the unique car has supplemented the exposition of the museum of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, and everyone can look at it.

“The development retained all the qualities of an SUV, while also gaining the status of refinement and luxury. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, the unique development was not launched in series production, “the company publication of the Panorama UAZ enterprise described the limousine in this way.

The UAZ limousine differs from the usual Patriot by an insert in the center of the body, in which a third row of seats is installed, opposite the back row – against the direction of travel.

Unique UAZ limousine sent to the museum

What was the off-road limousine doing all these years? First, he was seen at the Victory Parades held in Ulyanovsk on May 9. In addition, it was rented out for weddings. The car has not stood still and has been well maintained. Perhaps that’s why he survived to this day.

Source: Z R


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