Named Muscovite manufacturer

The most likely manufacturer of Moskvich cars was the Chinese company JAC. The planned output is up to 300 thousand vehicles per year (with the factory) Renault in Moscow had a capacity of up to 180 thousand cars per year). As you know, KAMAZ is involved in the project, which, which is also no secret, is collaborating with JAC – together they produce the Compass medium duty truck.

JACIn turn, produces passenger cars and electric vehicles, the production of which at the Moskvich plant has been discussed from the very first day the company was bought from Renault

So much for the cars JAC were delivered to Russia from Kazakhstan, from the company SaryarkaAvtoProm. These are five models: the S3 and S7 crossovers, a liftback that looks more like a four-door coupe, the J7, the T6 pick-up truck and the iEV7S electric crossover with a range of up to 300 km. All that remains is to take out a SPIC and replace the logos on the radiator grilles and cases. But.

The process of getting a special investment contract (SPIC) is not a quick one. As far as I know, KAMAZ doesn’t have a separate SPIC for passenger cars, but can get it soon,” Izvestia quotes Sergei Burgazliev, an independent consultant in the automotive industry.

In addition to passenger cars and a pickup truck, it is also planned to produce a commercial Sunray van, which will replace German cars. For example, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

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