A trap with half erased markers: we tell you how not to lose your rights

Experienced drivers know that a nearly worn mark is almost always identical to its complete absence. But strange clashes that accompany this happen to everyone. So let’s recall the basics that can help you feel confident in a situation where the line is solid or not bad. Sometimes it may not be visible at all, and, besides the resting place, you may not know that there was once a marker here.


On such stretches of the route, unscrupulous employees of the National Traffic Inspectorate like to watch out for drivers. As soon as you drive into the markings with the edge of the wheel, a scammer immediately appears, the dialogue with which quickly leads to the proposal to “negotiate”.

Legally, the inspector is wrong. If the marker is cleared (or no road sign is provided), the traffic police officer must take this into account when directing traffic. The driver could not have known about the restrictions and he should not be punished.

If you believe that the inspector’s actions are beyond the scope of jurisdiction, you can contact the Ministry of the Interior hotline at the toll-free number: 8-800-222-74-47. Tell the hotline operator the time, place, and other circumstances of the incident. The traffic police successfully combat unfair practices by inspectors.

What to answer from the traffic police inspector?

In short, nothing. The final decision on the deprivation of your rights is not made by the inspector, but by the judge. That’s why:

  1. Make a video of the road condition and markings.
  2. Write in the protocol that you do not agree with the circumstances of the case and are willing to provide supporting photos and videos.

But there is a nuance!

In accordance with Section 9.2 of the SDA, if a two-way road can be visually divided into four or more lanes, it will be impossible to enter the oncoming lane for detour or overtaking, even if there is no marking at all. Remember this!

And also – carefully study other ways of summer wiring on the roads.

  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

A picture: ITAR-TASS/ Alexander Ryumin

Source: Z R


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