Camper based on Niva is mass-produced – the first details

The idea of ​​​​a campervan based on the Niva arose from the desire to travel comfortably – after all, with all the growing popularity of car tourism in Russia, not everyone is ready to spend the night in tents and cook food on a fire . The SAMPO TV 360 TV channel has prepared a story about a new prototype presented by the head of the Karelia project, Petr Gruzdev. The first such car was implemented on the basis of Largus. But the new version based on the Niva is more reasonable and spacious.

Inside there is everything to house things and the necessary equipment, says the author of the project. In particular, there are two beds – one at a height of 2400 mm and the second is obtained by lowering the dining table to a height of 2100 mm.

In Germany, motorhomes based on Niva and Granta from the Karelia project are already being sold. But the Russian version of the Niva camper will be slightly different from the European one – in particular, the components will be exclusively Russian. Another difference is the dual-fuel engine: in addition to the gas tank, the package includes a 90-liter gas cylinder to make traveling around the vast Russian Federation more profitable.

Now the project is at the stage of road testing – the Togliatti-Sortavala-Petrozavodsk route has been completed, and in the summer there will be a run to the Urals, after which the car should receive certification documents that will allow production in Russia. However, winter tests are also planned – only after their successful completion will the Niva motorhome go into mass production and then go on sale.

  • Incidentally, the series production of the Niva Legend SUV, on the basis of which this motorhome was built, should soon be resumed.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Video: Youtube / project Karelia

Source: Z R


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