CTP payments for repairs are still not enough

That is, the new edition does not take into account the sharp price increases for spare parts and components that took place in March. As a result, the calculated compensation will still not be sufficient to repair cars after an accident.

The Russian Union of Auto Insurers found that prices remained virtually unchanged from the previous edition. But there is good news – this will not increase the cost of OSAGO policies for the foreseeable future.

But the payments will gradually increase – the next review of the directories of insurers will be in three months – the RAMI with the Bank of Russia has already started this.

“With prices rising rapidly for virtually all goods, services and products, controlling prices where possible is critical. OSAGO is a socially important insurance policy and insurers want to ensure that car owners are protected as much as possible from negative changes. The manuals that come into force will make this possible. We also expect that new logistics chains will be built for the supply of spare parts, which will allow us to avoid their overgrowth,” Izvestia is quoted as saying by Evgeny Ufimtsev, Executive Director of the RSA.

Source: Z R


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