Prices for OSAGO increase by 26%

According to the Bank of Russia, it is proposed to increase the corridor of the base rate of OSAGO for most categories of car owners up and down by 26% due to an increase in the price of spare parts.

For private cars, the base rate for OSAGO is set by insurers individually for each driver in the range of 1,646-7,535 rubles. For public transport, the tariff corridor will be expanded by 17.8% in both directions.

The draft guidelines for new tariffs are under public discussion, which will last until June 28.

The regulator explains the increase in rates by the fact that the folders with the cost of spare parts have been adjusted, and according to the calculations, the most “breaking” parts in accidents have increased in price by an average of 28.7%. The amount of the insurance reimbursement for OSAGO is calculated on the basis of these folders. Price changes in the guide do not directly affect the rates, but they do exert some pressure.

Recall that in September 2020 the tariff corridor was expanded by 10% in both directions. As a result, the average OSAGO premium in 2021 has increased by 1.85% compared to 2020.

The expansion of the tariff corridor will allow it to continue the course towards individualization of tariffs, if prudent car owners don’t pay extra for those who often get into accidents, the PCA noted.

Source: Z R


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