The traffic police reminded of the conditions for issuing a European protocol

Currently, most minor accidents are recorded by drivers using the European protocol without the participation of inspectors, the traffic police in the capital recalled.

But until now, not all road users know how to do it correctly, and meanwhile, every such incident affects traffic, because it takes a long time to wait for traffic cops.

Here are some conditions for registering an accident according to the European protocol that you should remember:

  • there are no casualties in the accident
  • only two vehicles are involved
  • Only the vehicles involved in the accident were damaged.
  • both you and the co-driver are on valid OSAGO policies issued for the vehicles involved in the accident
  • both you and the second driver agree to file a report without calling the traffic police and signing the European protocol.

If only a report of an accident is provided to the insurance company, then the insurance payment can be up to 100 thousand rubles, and if there are photos of the accident site with geolocation of the accident site, up to 400 thousand rubles, the department reminds himself .

Source: Z R


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