What happens when simplified checkpoints appear? Opinion of readers

Last week, the Order of the Ministry of Transport No. 166 came into effect. Under this directive, the requirements for the equipment of service points have been reduced – now, when accredited, the PCA does not control ventilation, heating, compressors, sound level meters, pressure gauges and the requirements for inspection pits, brake supports and a number of other equipment have been simplified. In theory, this should increase the number of points and simplify the procedure for drivers.

Za Rulem, the oldest and most authoritative automotive publication in Russia, conducted a survey in Viber – we asked how important our readers think these changes are. And here are the answers we got.

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Only 13% of the 1,561 survey participants (that’s 205 people) agree that with the simplification and widespread use of inspection points, the procedure itself will become simpler, more convenient and more accessible. Another small group – 9% or 143 people – is convinced that the innovation will have a negative impact on quality – the technical condition of cars will be monitored worse.

But the vast majority of our readers are sure that there will be no particular changes in connection with the new order of the Ministry of Transport: the answer “essentially nothing changes” was chosen by 1213 people, that is 77% of the respondents. It should be noted that official cars, public and commercial vehicles now have to undergo regular roadworthiness tests. And private car owners only have to deal with the purchase/sale procedure with a change of ownership.

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