Drunk electric scooter driver convicted

Tyumen’s Leninsky District Court heard a criminal case against a 27-year-old local resident, who was detained in December 2021 while driving under the influence of an electric scooter. A man returned from a company party for New Years late in the evening. It appeared to the on-duty traffic police inspectors that he was intoxicated, which was confirmed by a medical examination.

The court appointed the citizen of Tyumen a year of probation with a two-year probation and disqualification from engaging in activities related to transportation management for 2.5 years.

In this case, the electric scooter was equated with a moped, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The Kugoo Max Speed ​​scooter, the study found, had a power of 500 watts. That is, it was a category M vehicle, which has the same requirements as a moped.

The court also took into account that the man had previously been fined 30,000 rubles and banned from driving for a year and seven months for refusing to undergo a medical examination. By the time he was arrested drunk on an electric scooter, this term had not yet expired.

The offender himself explained that he had not carefully studied the documents for the electric scooter and did not know that he was obliged to travel on such a powerful vehicle, not only with a driver’s license in his pocket, but also in accordance with the rules that are prescribed for drivers. The man from Tyumen did not admit his guilt. The verdict has not yet entered into force and an appeal is possible.

Source: Z R


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