Top 5 Dangerous Driver Mistakes: Don’t Do This!

Mistake 1. Forget your own safety

Tragedies, where participants in a minor accident are hit by chasing cars, are unfortunately not uncommon.

After an accident, you must first press the alarm button. Apply the parking brake to the car (even if the accident did not happen on a hill). Wear a reflective vest. Put up an emergency stop sign (in the city – at a distance of 15 m, on the highway – 30 m). And be careful when inspecting the car – in some cases fire is possible.

Mistake 2. Take the victim home / to the first aid station yourself

Motorists who hit a pedestrian often agree to this. Call an ambulance anyway. Even if a person got away with a few bruises, he may need to be resuscitated in half an hour.

In a state of shock, many people feel no pain and are unable to soberly assess their condition. In addition, doctors or next of kin of the victim will find out under what circumstances the injury occurred. It will be very difficult to prove your innocence even if the pedestrian himself is responsible for the incident.

Mistake 3. Negotiate verbally

The scratch on the car is insignificant, both drivers are in a hurry. Why not make up for a small damage on the spot and leave?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the second party to the accident will not change their mind and report the accident within a few hours. In this case, you risk becoming a driver who has left the scene of an accident. The established sanction is deprivation of rights for a period of 1 to 1.5 years (Article 12.27 Part 2 of the Code of Administrative Violations of the Russian Federation).

Insure yourself: exchange receipts that you have no claims against each other in connection with an accident. The receipt must state the amount received by the victim, the place, time and circumstances of the accident. Both drivers must sign. It is also desirable to state passport details. Photograph the scene of the accident from different angles, braking distance, cars, markings, signs and damage – in as much detail as possible.

Error 4. Inadvertently drafting the European protocol

If you are sure that the damage does not exceed 100 thousand rubles, you can file an accident without the intervention of the police. It’s important to focus – the protocol seems like just a simple document, but if it’s filled out incorrectly, you risk being left without compensation.

Complete all columns and fields in the protocol. Carefully inspect the car – it is important to repair all damage correctly. Describe the circumstances of the accident in as much detail as possible: weather conditions, the condition of the road surface (these could be the cause of the accident). On the accident map, mark the street name, road signs, direction of travel and other objects/vehicles that may be relevant to the accident.

Error 5. They interfere with the recording of the accident

It is important to explain your view of the situation to the traffic police. And remember that inspectors are real people and can make mistakes. Check whether the protocol indicates: road and surface characteristics, weather conditions, braking distance, traffic lights and signs, the correct location of cars and objects. If you do not agree with something, indicate this in the protocol. And never sign blank/incomplete documents.

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