Expert: Determining a gray import of spare parts is real, cars are not

The parallel import mechanism (factory of goods without the copyright owner’s permission) has been working in Russia since the beginning of May, but it turned out that there are problems with the import of cars.

Customs Union technical regulations require a vehicle type approval, which is currently not issued by the general importer. There are also other obstacles.

“There are many nuances for cars designed for different markets. Conventionally, cars with two air conditioners and practically no heating go to the Emirates, because it is always warm there – there is no winter, the equipment is different. Transporting cars through Kazakhstan is also a problem: to turn off a car transporter of cars, you need to find several Kazakh people, register cars for them, arrange everything – it is very difficult.Further, the importers, who are under sanctions – hold conditionally Volkswagen – keep an eye on the Kazakh dealers so that the cars do not move here,” the PRIME agency reports the words of the director of AUTOSTAT Sergey Tselikov.

The expert believes that with the help of the parallel import mechanism, it is possible to import individual copies of cars, but it is impossible to put it into operation.

As for used cars, so far none of the official dealers have imported them into the Russian Federation. 90% of used cars were imported from the Far East by private companies, mainly right-hand drive models.

It is possible to import from Europe, but even here problems arise: either banks do not accept payment, or logistics – the border is now practically closed to car carriers, it is necessary through ports. Although people will try to find ways, especially since the dollar is very favorable right now.

But it is quite possible to establish a parallel import of auto parts, there will be no major problems with the restructuring of logistics, the expert believes.

Source: Z R


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