Refugees were allowed to drive without OSAGO. They will pay for it

Compensation for victims of road accidents caused by refugees from the LPR and DPR will be paid from the compensation funds of the Russian Union of Motor Insurance, said RAMI president Igor Yurgens.

The bill, tabled by the deputy of the State Duma, Konstantin Zatulin, has already been discussed in the second and third readings and was passed unanimously. Now it is up to the Federation Council, but there should be no objections there either.

The deputy, presenting his initiative, pointed out that since visitors do not have a “bonus-malus” reduction coefficient, the price of the policy is calculated for them at the most and can reach 15 thousand, which is for people who have become homeless, and sometimes even without money creates real problem.

It is important to ensure that victims of drivers who do not have an OSAGO policy under the current circumstances are compensated in a timely manner for the damage caused. Such a guarantee is one of the basic principles of the operation of the mandatory motor vehicle citizen, the Union emphasized.

Previously, an option was considered under which insurance companies’ costs would be covered by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, but eventually insurers took over all payments in exchange for the State Duma’s support of anti-insurance fraud initiatives, Kommersant learned.

For example, car owners who arrived in 2022 from the territory of Ukraine, the People’s Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk are exempt from the obligation to deliver OSAGO within 90 days from the date of departure to the Russian Federation. If an accident occurred before 1 January 2023 at the hands of a visitor, the victim will receive compensation from the PSO.

At the same time, such citizens are not relieved of the obligation to issue an OSAGO policy after the expiry of the proposed period.

Photo: Donat Sorokin/TASS

Source: Z R


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