New or “used” – compared the prices of cars and are very surprised

We recently compared how much recommended retail prices (RRP) differ from those reported to Za Rulem expert Yuri Timkin by car dealership advisers. The difference took us unpleasantly by surprise – even against the background of the recent doping scandal … Well, what if you don’t take a car from a dealer, but find an almost new car with low mileage?

Let’s take a look at cars that have recently come out of warranty – from 3 to 5 years (2017-2019 MY) – and with a range of up to 100,000 kilometers. We’ll look at the configurations that are as close as possible to the configurations we’ve considered for new cars, because we’re interested in pricing at car dealerships. We search for cars on these parameters via and summarize the results in a table.

Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4

In 2020, the Rafik changed generations, so we considered copies of the previous generation to be a used car (photo). And then everyone makes a choice for themselves: buy a car of the previous generation in 3+ years or give it away to a new, current generation and with twice (!) more warranty.

Renault Duster

New or Renault Duster

Renault Duster

Duster has the same situation with the generational change, but the percentage difference with the used from the previous version is not nearly as noticeable. But whatever you may say, but the new generation, zero mileage and the presence of a warranty in the case of Renault Duster now require an additional payment of about 500 thousand rubles.

Kia Seltos

New or Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos

The situation with Kia Seltos is also interesting: the oldest cars on sale now date from 2020, when the model appeared. That is, these are still warranty machines.

Such a car, which until now has a completely “childish” mileage, costs about 400 thousand cheaper than almost the same from a car dealer.

Skoda Kodiaq

New or Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq

In the case of the Kodiaq, one of the most striking comparisons turned out to be with the RRP and especially with the prices of new cars at dealerships. For a fairly decent after-warranty car with low mileage, you’ll be spending at least 1.5 million less than for a new one. And the top price of 4.3 million is basically a new car without a run, but in 2019 (we found one).

Lada Vesta

New or Lada Vesta Sedan

Lada Vesta Sedan

The oldest CVT Vesta with a Nissan 113 hp engine (we looked at exactly such a unit in the official dealer showroom when choosing a new car) is, for obvious reasons, 2019.

In trim levels close to the desired Luxury Enjoy Pro, a three-year-old car costs at least 200 thousand cheaper than a new one from a dealer.

Car Equipment MSRP, million rubles New at the dealer, million rubles Used, 3-5 years, million rubles
Toyota RAV4* AWD, 2L, CVT, Comfort 3.0 5.3 2.5–2.8
Renault Duster* All-wheel drive, 2 l, manual transmission, Style 2.1 2.4 1.5–1.9
Kia Seltos** Four-wheel drive, 2L, Style 2.4 3.5 2.5–3.1
Skoda Kodiaq Four-wheel drive, diesel, Style 2.8 5.5 3.5–4.3
Lada Vesta Sedan 1.6 L (113 hp), CVT, Luxury Enjoy Pro 1.5 1.9 1.5-1.7

* New – cars of the current generation, and with mileage – the previous one.

** The model appeared in 2020, the table shows the prices for this year’s cars (ie the most “older” options).

If you are still interested in a new car, Yuriy Timkin, an expert at Za Rulem, has a great tour of car dealerships for you.

  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Source: Z R


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