Why does fuel deteriorate? 6 surprising facts about gasoline

a. Gasoline has feelings

“Sensitivity” of gasoline is a technical term, not a literary allegory.

The most important characteristic of gasoline is its octane number (OC). The higher it is, the better gasoline resists explosion.

This number is measured by two methods: motor and research. Research octane RON is always higher than motor octane (MON). But the difference between OCHI and OCHM is simply called the sensitivity of gasoline (English fuel sensitivity)! The lower the sensitivity, the better.

The motor measurement method is stiffer and imitates movement along the highway. And research is more suited to urban driving. So the lower the sensitivity, the higher the detonation resistance under all operating conditions. Curiously, AI-92 is superior in sensitivity to both AI-95 and AI-98.

Sensitivity of different gasolines

Petrol HMO EYES Sensitivity
AI-92 83 92 9
AI-95 85 95 ten
AI-98 88 98 ten

2. You can’t ruin gasoline with sugar

In the old Franco-Italian comedy “Razinya”, a malicious person poured a packet of sugar into a neighbor’s gas tank. The sticky mass was supposed to clog fuel lines and filters.

The movie worked. However, a simple experiment will show that sugar does not dissolve in gasoline. As you drive, the pieces will turn into a pile of granulated sugar, but it will also be on the bottom of the tank.

The only chance for sugar to spoil anything is to mix it with water, which is always present in the tank, albeit in small amounts.

But our experiment showed that in this case nothing terrible will happen.

3. Gas can freeze

Only the exact answer to the question “when?” in any guide. Known approximate freezing point: -70 C. At the same time, gasoline thickens, but not at the same time, but patchily. Then comes crystallization.

But something else is more curious: according to current GOST, the engine does not have to work below minus 25-30 OC Therefore, a double margin for the freezing point of petrol is more than sufficient.

four. Our octane is cooler than American

In the US, the octane number AKI (anti-knock index) is defined as the arithmetic mean between RON and MON. And if the 91st gasoline is indicated in the instructions for an American car, then AI-95 should be poured into it! The ratios between our and US octane numbers look like this:

  • AI-92 = AKI 87
  • AI-95 = AKI 91
  • AI-98 = AKI 93

5. First expense item

Besides, Americans spend about a billion dollars on gasoline every day. This is not surprising, however: gasoline accounts for the largest turnover in the world among consumer goods. And in second place is … coffee!

6. gasoline spoils

It’s not worth buying it. Modern gasolines lose their original properties even faster than previous fuels using tetraethyl lead.

The current GOST reports that the warranty period for the storage of gasoline of any brand is 1 year from the date of manufacture. There is no classification according to octane number and climate zones.

But it wasn’t always like that. It is curious that about 40 years ago reference books reported that the shelf life of gasoline from 93rd to 98th is 24 months for the northern zone, 18 months for the middle zone and only six months for the southern zone.

So do not leave any petrol behind.dstvo to their descendants: they will not appreciate it.

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