Barnaulka bullied and gassed a taxi driver because his seat was dirty 10:20

In Barnaul, a taxi driver sprayed pepper spray in a girl’s face. In this respect reports Telegram channel “Barnaul Incident”.

The incident occurred on February 12. The girl and the young man called a taxi and while inside, they asked the driver to move the front seat and pointed out the dirty seats. The driver stopped the car and began to behave rudely and throw the passengers out.

He then took his personal belongings and threw them out of the car on the side of the road. When the young man followed them, the driver accelerated hard and started driving with the door open and the girl in the cabin. The driver, who wanted to stop, took out pepper spray and sprayed it in the girl’s face. The car was blocked at that time. The girl suffered a chemical burn and a bruise on her leg.

It happened before that knownA drunk driver caused a major accident in Yekaterinburg. The driver of the Kia was injured. Vehicles blocked other vehicles from passing.

Formerly actor Maxim Emelyanov loss License for one year to leave the scene of the accident.

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Source: Gazeta


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