Parallel imports have been legalized in Russia. Now he is not being punished.

Today, in second and third readings, the Duma immediately passed the law on the legalization of parallel imports. Now certain groups of goods can be imported into Russia without the permission of the rightholders. Valid until the end of 2022, this rule will protect individuals and companies importing “grey” imports into Russia from potential civil, criminal and administrative liability.

Parallel imports will saturate the country with scarce and original goods, the import of which has been restricted by unfriendly countries with the help of sanctions. The list of goods that are allowed to be imported in this way includes cars of a number of brands, car parts and tools for cars.

With respect to such goods, the provisions of civil, criminal and administrative liability for the protection of exclusive rights in the results of intellectual activity (RID) do not apply.

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin recalled that previous amendments to the legislation had already been passed, according to which the government was given the right to draw up in 2022 a list of goods subject to certain provisions of the Civil Code on the protection of exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity may not apply. Now the standard has been supplemented with a provision that the use of the results of intellectual activity expressed in these goods is not an offense.

Meanwhile, neighboring Belarus is also working on a law that allows parallel imports.


Parallel (grey) import legalizes the import into the country of original products of a certain brand without the permission of the copyright owner in an available quantity and through a legal point of sale, for example via third countries that are not members of the anti-Russian sanctions.

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