Road sign scanner – a useful thing or “good”?

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– Combo devices with a traffic sign scanner appeared on sale. The driver will have to constantly look at the screen somewhere on the side: is it dangerous?

– You don’t have to keep looking. Displaying traffic signs is a safety net that you use every now and then. Signs are, of course, easier and safer to watch “live”. But if you get distracted and miss the board, then you can look at the device.

The Roadgid Premier’s camera is trained to recognize road signs. No one has such a function anymore, but it doesn’t always work well. For example, the gadget once “saw” the speed limit of 110 km/h at a railway crossing in a village. When they are “done”, there is a good addition to the standard functionality.

On the other hand, such a device also works as a GPS informer about violation cameras. You will certainly be looking for warnings about them often. At the same time you will see the scanned board.

Finally, the driver is distracted not only from the road by the registrar’s screen, but also by the instruments, the media system, the smartphone … And the gadget hanging on the windshield is far from the worst.

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