Best Goodyear Tire Performance Innovations

It is these properties that engineers carefully develop for: ties good yearmodeling the company’s products according to the latest technological developments.

About company and performance good year

good year is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. The company has been in existence for more than 100 years and during this period has hosted the successful activities of 57 companies operating in 23 countries around the world. The company also has 2 research and development centers for the development and testing of new products and technologies.

Over the past 5 years, Goodyear tires have taken part in 208 independent tests and in more than 80% of the cases received a “recommended” rating from experts. This means that their tires were ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd in most rankings. Tests were performed at test sites with different climatic conditions in the EU, CU and South Africa.

Mass production brands and specialty products

Goodyear manufactures a wide range of products for the mass consumer under six brands:

  • good year — develops, manufactures, sells and distributes tires for passenger cars, SUVs and special equipment.
  • Fulda – one of the most popular tire brands in Germany, which has a good reputation in Europe for high quality products.
  • Dunlop is a British manufacturer of tires for passenger cars and sports cars, as well as SUVcombines motorsport heritage and innovative technology.
  • sava is one of the largest and most successful manufacturers in Central Europe, producing a quality product at reasonable prices.
  • Kelly ties — specializes primarily in budget tires for SUVs and light trucks.
  • debica is a leading Polish manufacturer of personal and commercial tires as well as all-steel for agricultural machinery.

In addition good year is engaged in the production of aircraft tires, rubber for large trucks, racing cars and motorcycles, is supplier of tires for: NASCAR and NHRA

Innovation and technology good year

Different driving styles require different tires: lovers of a quiet, measured ride especially appreciate comfort and low noise; racers need precise handling and reliable grip; commercial vehicle drivers pay attention to sustainability. Therefore, Goodyear produces different tire lines, for which it selects a number of technologies that can meet the needs of each of the categories of car owners.

Technologies to improve dry performance

When driving on dry surfaces, the quality of the grip is important, which depends on the composition of the rubber compound and the tread pattern. In the new model of summer 2022 Eagle fa asymmetric 6 used the latest development – Dry Stability Plus technology This is an adaptive contact patch that adapts to changes in tire load while driving. When cornering and maneuvering, the area of ​​contact between the tire and the road increases, increasing grip, making steering responses more precise and braking immediately in emergency situations.

Previous generation tires use technologies Active corner handle and active braking – special tread design for improved braking performance, SmartTred – Zoned tread to adapt the wheel to the unevenness of the road, which also contributes to more grip.

Technologies to improve wet performance

Wet weather safety is affected by the tire’s ability to clean the contact patch of excess moisture. To do this, the tread has wide longitudinal and transverse drainage grooves. in the new Eagle fa asymmetric 6 engineers went even further and evolved Wet brakes Pro technology – added an extra top layer of a special rubber compound, divided into cross sections, which ensures a tighter contact of the tire with a wet road surface. During hard acceleration or braking, the contact patch is preserved, ensuring reliable grip and predictable vehicle behaviour.

Winter tires use patented technology to increase grip on wet and snowy roads 3dBIS slats 3-dthat close under load, provide rigidity and open for stability of the tire on the surface.

Technologies for more comfort and energy efficiency

As the company moves with the times and takes into account the popularity of electric vehicles, tire flagships are being developed taking into account the possibility of installing them on electric vehicles. latest technology EVfinished contributes to more effective noise reduction and reasonable fuel consumption (range).

other technology sound Comfort It is designed to reduce wheel noise in the car. Depending on the type of vehicle and the road surface, the rumble of the wheels is almost 50% less audible. Thanks to the built-in acoustic barrier, the vibration of the air in the tires is partially absorbed by this extra layer, helping to eliminate noise.

There are other technologies that complement engineers Goodyear tires to give them certain properties. Many of the company’s innovations are not only applied in the tire industry, experiments with polymers and rubber compounds have taken their place in packaging, adhesives and even in the production of artificial hearts.

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