How drivers mess up the gearbox in an instant

We’ve talked about the secrets of mixing different types of fuel, engine oil, antifreeze and brake fluid here.

Fluids for automatic transmissions, CVTs and robots

BEE automatic boxes a liquid labeled ATF Dexron or MERCON is used. And then in the designation follows the Roman numeral from II to – in the most modern units – VI. Usually a newer – with a larger number – liquid can be poured into an older one.

The good news is that these fluids don’t have a viscosity rating like motor oil, so the choice is easier. There are several concerns that prefer “their” liquid. These include Toyota with its fluids like ATF WS, Honda with fluids like ATF-Z1, and some other car manufacturers.

FROM variators the matter is even simpler. For example, all Renault-Nissan vehicles, as well as many other vehicles around the world that use Jatco CVTs, are filled with NS2 or NS3 fluids. As usual with newer models the number is higher.

Automakers do not allow CVT and automatic transmission fluids to be mixed together.

Automakers do not allow CVT and automatic transmission fluids to be mixed together.

Every major CVT manufacturer uses its own fluid, so it’s best not to mix anything here.

If a stuffing box or hose from the variator cooling system is leaking, before a long trip you will have to stock up on a storage jar of “your” fluid to top up, and best of all, fix the defect. It must be remembered that the level must also be checked correctly, at a temperature determined by the manufacturer, placing the car on a horizontal platform.

Most common robotic gearbox with double clutch has two separate cavities. A special hydraulic fluid is poured into the control system. Here are no experiments with adding any other liquid, except the original, unacceptable. And in the mechanical part, where the gears work, ordinary gear oil is poured.

BEE robots with one link oil requirements are the same as in mechanical boxes, which will be discussed below.

Manual gearbox, transfer case, gearboxes

BEE manual gearbox the most commonly used oil is a GL-4 level with a relatively low viscosity such as 75W-80 or 75W-90. BUT you can add oil from any manufacturer: it is important to check the viscosity and quality level GL-4 . to observe It is considered undesirable to use GL-5 oil in a mechanical box, as additives can damage the synchronizers.

BEE transfer boxes some cars need to be filled with gear oil, for example, in all domestic four-wheel drive VAZ cars. But in others, for example Hover H5, ATF fluid in the transfer case should work. And thus nothing to mix here

BEE gearboxeswhere hypoid engagement is present, only GL-5 oil is required.

How drivers mess up the gearbox in an instantIn the front gearbox of the crossover, the oil volume is usually small. For Renault Duster this is 250 ml.

In the front gearbox of the crossover, the oil volume is usually small. For Renault Duster this is 250 ml.

Hypoid gearing is not only found in the bridges of rugged off-road vehicles such as the UAZ and Toyota Land Cruiser, but even in four-wheel drive Crete. Yes, there are also two hypoid pairs in crossovers – in front of the gearbox and in the rear gearbox. Here the oil viscosity level should be higher than in mechanical boxes, and in specially loaded units it can reach 75W-140. So thatonly hypoid oil with the correct viscosity level can be added to gearboxes

Exotic drop by drop

How drivers mess up the gearbox in an instant

The drive supercharger is a unit that also needs oil. Which of course has to be changed periodically. It’s rare, expensive, you can’t mix it, but you need a homeopathic dose. For example, Toyota officially requires the use of a special Toyota Supercharger Oil. Oil is poured into the cavity with a gear transmission. The level is checked on the dipstick, there is a drain plug. Filling capacity – about 130 ml.

Power steering

This system is the most commonly used automatic transmission fluid. Older cars often leak fluid. To prevent damage to the pump from running dry during a long ride, you can add any ATF fluid.

Windshield Washer Fluids

Even if the liquids are made on the basis of different alcohols – ethyl, methyl or isopropyl, they can still be mixed with each other as well as with water.

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