What motorcyclists are not fined for?

A motorcycle is not only dangerous, but also a specific means of transport. Still – no movement, but pastime: for example, you can work with it and have fun. At the same time, the riding style is determined by the motorcycle itself, which the rider has chosen for himself – cruiser, enduro, naked, sport, tourist …

We have already written about the peculiarities of motorists’ perception of motorcycles – this is a small participant in the movement, but unlike a pedestrian and a cyclist, he moves quickly. As a result, due to the peculiarities of human perception, the motorist does not see the drivers.

Moreover, motorists sometimes behave provocatively, without even knowing it. For example, before turning left, they take it to the right (or when turning right – to the left, in violation of the traffic rules), as if pulling a long trailer, which the rider perceives as letting him go forward, forgetting the turn on the turn signals and look in the mirrors for manoeuvres. These are all features that cannot be eliminated, just as it is impossible to force a motorcyclist to move in the stream or defend traffic jams with sufficient distance between cars.

To find out how strong the control of motorcyclists is on the road, Za Rulem, the oldest and most popular automotive publication in Russia, turned to experts from the traffic safety department and analysis of the MVS Group.

There are cameras on the roads that ‘see’ motorcyclists’ license plates and record the offenses they commit. But there aren’t many. According to the MVS Group, traffic violations committed by motorcyclists on the roads in the Moscow region today are managed by more than 850 modern photo and video recording systems. It is not difficult to distinguish them visually: such complexes fix traffic violations in the direction of the traffic flow. That is, “slap in the ass”.

As for the movement between the rows, there is no concept of “driving between the rows” in the traffic rules, respectively, photo and video shooting complexes do not manage this, the MVS Group specified.

“But there is the concept of ‘crossing a solid line’ – this is captured by cameras in the same way as motorcyclists exceeding the maximum allowed speed of movement, as well as driving along the side of the road and a special lane,” , the department told Za Rulem.

Alexander Dombrovsky, Director of the Department of Road Safety and Analytics, MVS Group (operator of the photo and video recording system for the Moscow region for traffic violations):

– According to the data from the National Road Traffic Safety Center, motorcyclists usually “want” to exceed the permissible speed of movement (in terms of seriousness of consequences, this is a traffic rule violation in the second place after entering the oncoming lane, every tenth offender dies), violates the rules for the position of the vehicle on the roadway, neglects the safe distance and violates the rules of passage and overtaking rules. The most serious consequences are driving into the oncoming lane – every fifth violator of this rule dies.

The seriousness of accidents involving motorcyclists is always very high. Last year, about 400 motorcycle accidents occurred in the Moscow region, killing 71 people, i.e. about 9% of all road deaths in the region. In the current motorcycle season, according to our statistics, two in ten traffic victims are motorcyclists.

Collisions are the most common type of motor vehicle accident in the Moscow region last year, accounting for 70% of the accidents in which 41 people died and 266 were injured. of all accidents), hitting an obstacle (6%) and leaving the road (5%).

A picture: Yasser Abu-Ghdaib Unsplash

Source: Z R


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