Said oil filter that will not fail

The main job of the oil filter is to remove abrasive particles from the lubrication system. This is the smallest dirt that accelerates the wear of the parts from which it is separated. The more often the car owner changes the oil and filter, the longer the engine of his car will last. That is why such popular advice is to change the oil more often than the manufacturer prescribes, although it has sharpened the teeth, it remains relevant and true.

But not everyone can afford to change the oil conditionally, not once a year or every 15 thousand kilometers, but once every six months and every 7.5 thousand kilometers. This operation is not the most expensive, but will cost a significant amount. And here you can save. For example, on an oil filter, for which 224-276 rubles is paid.

Renault and Lada oil filter

Renault and Lada oil filter

Said oil filter that will not failHyundai and Kia oil filter

Hyundai and Kia oil filter

Za Rulem experts have tested various spare parts and consumables for cars many times. Includes oil filters, which must have a good dirt holding capacity to trap more abrasive particles and not clog them, starving the engine oil. For the same reason, the hydraulic resistance must be small. This is especially important when starting the engine in cold weather and frost. The strength of the filter housing is also important, as is the reliability of the sealing rubber bands, so that when the pressure increases in the system, the oil does not leak through the resulting holes on the road.

Choosing such a filter is easy if you use the advice of experts. For example, by purchasing “Behind the wheel” oil filters in our trading house or in partner shops for Lada, Renault Logan and Sandero, but also for Hyundai Accent, Getz, Solaris and Kia Rio3 that meet all the requirements described above.

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