I drove 83,000 km on Captur – an honest (!) review

Oleg recently finally moved to Moscow from the city of Suvorov, Tula region, but for a long time lived in two houses, so in three years his Kaptur walked more than 83,000 kilometers – and not only on the road.

In the “pre-Capture” period, Oleg had used foreign and domestic cars, including even the UAZ-469 and ZIL-130. For Renault – Niva VAZ-2131 from 2004, on which Oleg and his family drove seriously off-road from 2012 to 2018. The car was loved, but major surgery affected her condition. I had to look for a replacement.


It all started in April 2018. After another serious breakdown of the beloved Niva, a family council was held. Decided to replace the car with a new one.

The “short list” of contenders for the purchase were the “Chinese” and Renault. But due to corrosion problems, which are full of posts on the Internet, the first ones have been removed. We decided to take the Renault Sandero Stepway, but left the car dealership with my wife, stopped near Kaptur and … fell in love.

I liked the test drive: there were sections and towns, and bumps and tracks. I calmly spread it to 125 km / h: the car goes smoothly, goes steadily into the corners.

The loan was quickly approved, on April 30 we were back at the car dealer for customs clearance. “Nyvka” went to exchange for 80 thousand. Ordered extra floor mats, mesh in the bumper and alarm. Kaptur was removed on May 3, 2018: “Drive” equipment, 1.6, 5-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive, 7 km.

First kilometers and impressions

First impressions were only positive. The car drives quietly, quietly, comfortably. I thought it would be a shame during the break-in period, but no! 100 km/h is 2800 rpm. Calm, but not slow. I accelerated, turned on the cruise and rolled myself, overtaking the snail. Average consumption is 7.1 l/100 km.

The cruise control operation is simple to shame: set the speed and take your foot off the pedal. As a result, I spent 80% of the break-in on a cruise. Long dreamed of a car with this option, in the choice it was not in last place.

I drove 83,000 km on Capture - an honest (!) review

On June 3, the long-awaited 3000 km appeared on the instrument panel – the end of the run-in. Just in case I drove another 500 km in “walk-in” mode. And already calmly pressed the accelerator, the speed increased to 3500-4000, speed – 130-140. Class! But not for long: on July 1, he pulled out a tripod. It was my first fine in seven years. Oh, how happy the kids were that Dad was finally caught!

They say that after a break-in the car gets faster: you press the gas more slowly, you keep the speed higher. I did not notice much difference, the consumption was 8.4 liters per hundred kilometers.

I entered a free TO-0 with a run of about 4500 km. The oil level in the engine remained virtually unchanged. They added 50 grams of antifreeze and turned off the “smart” rear wiper (tired).

First questions

In Suvorov they saw me as a pioneer. They turned as they passed, approached, were interested. Suvorov is a city of energy engineers, so my silver Captur with numbers T125NO was called “zero shutdown transformer”. And bombarded with questions:

Why Kapture? Why “nedoprivod” after “Nyvka”? And why not Duster – Captur for girls?

Stereotypes take precedence over common sense. In Moscow, at work, they are only surprised that I took the car “on the mechanics”. I answer that I like it.

For other questions, I say that I was attracted by a large ground clearance, closed doorsteps, a comfortable lounge, speed characteristics, a price up to a million (then, four years ago). I didn’t have to get used to the location of the controls – everything is at hand. And in Captura, neither his wife nor his daughter get sick (although they get motion sickness in most other cars).

I drove 83,000 km on Capture - an honest (!) review

This is what I think about four-wheel drive. Captur has either 4×4 and 2 liters (143 hp), or 4×2 1.6 liter (114 hp), the third is not given. It would be 1.6 4×4, the choice would be unequivocal. Four-wheel drive is especially necessary to start on an ice slide and get out of a snowdrift. And then the most important thing is the clearance, but it’s enough in Capture. There is no difference on the track. So what’s the point of paying more?

It’s 7,500 miles on it and I’ve never needed four-wheel drive, not even when I fell into a hole in the front bumper and left the front left wheel hanging out. I thought, that’s it, don’t leave. But he stepped on the gas, pushed – and the car got out. To say I am shocked is an understatement.

Capture for girls? There is no mention of this in the PTS.

About how to save money on useful accessories for Capture, and about the first problems with the machine – on the next page

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