In Kazakhstan, they began to produce motor oils. For RF?

There is no danger of a shortage of motor oils and other technical fluids in Russia in the future. This has been repeatedly stated by experts and market parties. In particular, the capacity of existing factories is increased and new enterprises are opened. The problem with additives corresponding to the international classification has also been solved.

Today, LUKOIL Lubricants Central Asia LLP (a subsidiary of PJSC LUKOIL), which produces LUKOIL lubricants in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan, has started packing oils in small containers to meet the demand for them not only among companies and services , but also in the retail trade.

The packaging of waste oils is carried out in 1, 4 and 5 liter cans.

“LUKOIL’s new lubricant packaging lines make it possible to reduce the local market’s dependence on the import of products in small packages and to increase the export volume of Kazakh lubricants to the regions of Central Asia,” says Sergey Novoselov. , General Manager of LUKOIL Lubricants Central Asia.

When asked by Za Rulem, the oldest and most popular automotive publication in Russia, where oils from Kazakhstan will be supplied, the company replied that the main task of the plant is to supply lubricants to the local market of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Presumably, this will not only reduce the burden on LUKOIL’s Russian enterprises, allowing them to sell all their products on the Russian market, but also, if necessary, support the growing demand in our country.

Only the question of counterfeiting remains open – how high is the risk of buying low-quality fake oil today under the guise of the original.

In short, counterfeit products affect foreign brand products, premium products in the high price segment. The share of counterfeit products in the Russian market reached an average of 20%, and today there are conditions for further growth in the near future. Since LUKOIL oils are popular with consumers, the company has made sure to protect its products and the safety of our consumers. An innovative canister authenticity control system has been developed and implemented for this purpose. It contains a three-layer bus structure, in-mold label and laser marking. As well as a foil membrane on the neck of the canister, which not only protects against counterfeiting, but also against oil spillage when the can is turned over,” LLK-International LLC (100% subsidiary of PJSC LUKOIL) told Za Rulem.

Recall that LUKOIL produces a variety of oils, including the premium line LUKOIL GENESIS.

Source: Z R


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