Buying and Selling Cars Through Public Services: Service Launch Dates Announced

The service of electronic purchase and sale of cars through the Rijksdienst will work in the very near future. Recall that the first non-state service presented on the portal will be the ability to conduct electronic transactions for the sale and purchase of cars, it was announced in April. Now the information was confirmed by the head of the Ministry of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev.

The Ministry of Digital Development has started testing a service for the electronic purchase and sale of cars using the electronic signature of the State Services. And we plan to commercialize this service in the summer,” RIA quotes Novosti as quoting Maksut Shadayev.

It is worth noting that we are talking about the so-called enhanced qualified electronic signature (ECES). A document signed with the help of UKEP is legally equivalent to a hand-signed document. When a new service is launched at the State Services, UKEP can be used to sign a car purchase and sale agreement. State services already have step-by-step instructions for dealing with a car, but the service offering itself so far only includes removing the car from the state registration number.

  • In addition to launching the auto trading service, they want to add QR codes for OSAGO rights to the State Services Auto application.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Source: Z R


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