A new car brand appears in Russia

Chery decided to launch the third brand on the Russian market, in addition to Chery and Exeed — Omoda. Among them, it is planned to create a separate dealer network, which should include 100 centers in the initial phase.

In the terms of “nothing to trade” there should be no shortage of people willing to sell and service Omoda cars. Therefore, enter into agreements with dealers Chery plans for the end of summer.

Omoda cars will occupy the high center niche. This is a high price segment, in which the manufacturer will compete with premium cars, which today for various reasons are forced to suspend their activities in Russia.

A new car brand appears in Russia

A new car brand appears in Russia

Omoda will have three vehicles in its lineup: two crossovers and a sedan. They will all be presented and offered for sale until the summer of 2023. In two years’ time, the line-up should be expanded significantly.

A new car brand appears in Russia

The Omoda C5 crossover (pictured) will be the first to hit dealers, and it will be represented by Olympic figure skating champion Anna Shcherbakova. The design of this car was developed by an international design team led by Steve Hume.

A picture: Chery

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