Already in 60 regions: traffic police launch new system

The fact that the stolen vehicle search system already works in 60 regions of the country, reported the publication of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation “Shield and Sword”.

“In a single database, information is collected on the movements of absolutely all vehicles across the country,” the paper says.

At the moment, photo and video shooting complexes are being transferred to new servers and new equipment is being installed. After the work is completed, the information received from the cameras is processed and sent to the database for storage.

These works can last until the end of the year, when the stolen cars are recovered very quickly. In doing so, problems arose with only one region – Chukotka. The thing is, there are no cameras on the roads.

This gives employees of the Ministry of the Interior access to information about all movements of vehicles on the road. In addition, the “web” allows you to deal with photo material of violations for which, for one reason or another, no fines have been issued.

Photo: Alexey Belkin/TASS

Source: Z R


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