Summer tire market 2022: range, prices, expert forecast

Tire factories work (but not all)

Today, eight major tire companies have their own production in Russia. These are Bridgestone, Continental, Cordiant, Kama, Michelin, Nokian, Pirelli and Yokohama.

Now, to some extent, the Cordiant, Kama, Nokian and Pirelli factories are running. With some logistical issues, but they work.

The remaining four companies shut down production for various periods. It was SUSPENDED, and not stopped forever and left the market.

But at the same time, all tire manufacturers are trying to fulfill their obligations: they meet the existing demand from the stocks available on site, and also follow all the requirements of Russian legislation regarding the employees of the company.

All stamps remain (for now)

To date, no one has made the decision to leave Russia.

Also from companies that trade on the market and do not have production in Russia: Goodyear, Dunlop, Hankook, Nexen, Kumho, etc. At the same time, no one stops the supply of products to the market from their own “reservoirs”. Everyone worries about logistical problems: they solve problems about supplying imported components to production and products of exclusive dimensions.

Chinese tire companies (Delinte, Landsail, Triangle and others) are showing an active interest in our market and are trying to find the most profitable ways to deliver their products to Russia.

How prices change

For one month, tires of one of the most popular sizes, 205/55 R16, have increased in price by more than 30 percent on average. Moreover, it is not a fact that these tires can be found in every store these days. And if you need tires, don’t delay the purchase. Prices may rise tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

For example, prices for summer tires 205/55 R16 per month increased

Tire model and brand

Price February 25, ruble

Price March 25, ruble

increase, %

viatti Strada 2V 134




Hankook Ventus Prime³ K125




Yokohama BlueEarth GT AE51




Tiger High Performance




Pirelli Cinturato P7 C2




Bridgestone Turanza T005




nordman SZ2




Kumho Ecsta HS51




Nexen Nblue HD Plus




Nokian Hakka Blue 3




Continental Premium Contact 6




cordiant Comfort 2




The font denotes companies that have their own production in Russia.

Prices for tires of the same size can now differ several times. It also depends on the pricing policy of a particular seller and of course on the make and model of the tire. Price tags are rewritten almost every day – both in plus and minus. The most expensive tires are usually from Michelin brands, the cheapest are Nordman and Nokian.

Prices for tires of our most popular sizes, ruble

for cars


Price range, rubles

185/60 R14

from 3700 to 6800

185/65 R15

from 3500 to 10 000

195/65 R15

from 3500 to 11 700


from 3800 to 1 2000


from 5500 to 22 000

For crossovers


Price range, rubles

215/65 R16

from 5600 to 16 000

235/65 R17

from 8500 to 30 000


from 10,000 to 30,000

255/45 R20

from 15,000 to 44,000

What can you expect tomorrow?

The limit of “sag” in the supply of tires to the Russian market has not yet come, but will come in the near future. The maximum deficit will be close to a third. That is, out of three buyers, only two will be able to find the right tires.

The smaller the tire size, the easier it is to find them. In the sizes R14 and R15 there is now plenty to choose from. The choice of R16 is scarcer, and the situation with the choice and with the probability of their purchase worsens with each additional inch of bore diameter.

The most difficult thing is to buy large tire sizes for expensive cars with wheels of different sizes.

In the near future (maximum six months) logistical problems will be solved and the supply of tires to the market will return to the previous volumes. Perhaps one of the tire manufacturers will leave, but others will take its place, because the Russian market is too good.

In addition, “grey” products will certainly appear in the near future. Let it not last long, but will appear – the market does not tolerate emptiness.

There is currently no shortage of tires. You can find tires of any size. And even choose a model that is suitable for its characteristics and price.

There is currently no shortage of tires. You can find tires of any size. And even choose a model that is suitable for its characteristics and price.

Current tire prices do not depend on whether the company has a production facility in Russia or not. And even whether the plant is working or standing still.

The tire market is clearly overheated. So manufacturers warn buyers – don’t worry. But if you really want to buy tires now, you will have to pay a lot of money.

Note to Buyer:

When buying, pay attention to the production date. If you buy 2019 tires today, within two years (by 2024) you will lose your warranty and tires, especially winter tires, will dry out and perform significantly less.

Take the latest – 2022 release. And let yourself be guided by the fact that you will be using them in a few years at the latest, i.e. in 2024.

Who decided to buy tires for the future: remember that this is not sugar, which does not lose its properties over time. But if you have already decided to buy a kit “for the future”, then take five wheels, not four. What if this manufacturer decides to leave the market tomorrow? If one of the tires is damaged, you have something to replace it with. This advice mainly concerns the products of companies that do not have their own production in Russia.

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