How do you buy a car without making too many payments in 2022? Called a non-standard way

Despite all the difficulties – car plant closures, problems with imports and logistics, dealers and representative offices in Russia have about 120,000 new cars at the end of May. But prices have risen so much that sales have dropped significantly. We check whether in such a situation it is possible to find a suitable price offer for the desired car.

Which car do we want to buy?

Suppose we need a station wagon kia Ceed SW in the configuration Prestige with a 1.6 liter engine and automatic transmission. According to the brand configurator, the suggested retail price is almost 2.5 million rubles. We will take this figure as a basis.

What is the actual dealer price?

If you look at the ads, you can see the cost of only 1.7 million rubles! Happy? Barely. Such prices are set by marketers in order to lure people to a car dealership, and the real price of a car from 900 thousand is higher – 2.6 million rubles. If you try, you can find 2.5 million rubles. It seems to be good – if the recommended price.

And can it be cheaper?

Yes. For example in an online auction car clickand There are already about 400 official dealers active on this platform. All you need is to register, make a lot (apply for a car), make a platform fee of 20 thousand rubles – it only takes 10 minutes and … do your business while the dealers negotiate. If you are not satisfied with the result, the amount will be refunded in full. It doesn’t seem to be a risk.

What is important to know?

When forming a lot, you can choose the brand, model, equipment, interior and exterior color, comfortable terms of the transaction: who is the buyer (private or legal person), how you want to pay – for cash or bank transfer, please credit or lease, with or without trade-in. The organizers assure that they won’t offer you anything you don’t need afterwards – this is prohibited by the rules of the auction. You are immediately freed from the usual imposition of unnecessary services and stressful negotiations, which is usually the case when visiting a car dealership.

Expert opinion

How do you buy a car without making too many payments in 2022?  Called a non-standard way

Sergei PigolkinFounder and CEO of Auction car click

— There are some tips to make a purchase on our auction even more profitable First – if you like different configurations and colors of the car, or the color is not important – choose that one. The second is to extend the geography of car dealerships to at least 500 km from your city, and ideally 1000 km. Third – set the delivery time for the car that is out of stock, but a maximum of 7 days. All this will significantly increase the number of offers and increase competition, which will make the savings for the buyer even greater.

And is it safe?

The platform takes security seriously and only allows trusted official dealers to operate, and the auctions themselves are anonymous. No one will know your information and will not pass it on to subsequent intrusive calls, as some marketplaces like to do.

How much can you really save?

In your personal account you can see in real time how dealers are fighting for the opportunity to sell you a car, reducing the price. For the same kia Ceed SW executed Prestige, according to the results of one of the auctions, the best offer was – 2 million 150 thousand rubles! This is 350 thousand rubles less than you can find when looking for a car in the usual way. At the same time, you don’t have to waste time studying sites and advertisements, making phone calls, traveling and negotiating. It’s great when technology helps to save not only money, but also time.

Based on the results of the auction and after confirmation from the customer, the platform generates a protocol, according to which the dealer is obliged to sell the car within three days at the proposed price and under the conditions specified by the customer. specified.

What’s the secret?

So why are the prices at the auction so much more profitable, despite the fact that the same official dealers trade there?

“They are in a different situation. Sergey Pigolkin comments. Some people have a lot of cars, some have very few or none at all. Various financial conditions also affect – someone urgently needs to repay a loan or pay a salary, he is willing to lower the price for the sake of a quick sale. In addition, thanks to our system, the car dealer does not incur any costs for advertising and sales, we do not charge a commission, which also affects the costs of the car. All of this together enables us to make more than 86% of auctions profitable and effective for both the buyer and dealer community.”

Online Auction car click a great way to buy a new car without overpayments, loss of time and nerves. Try it yourself.

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