They are so unstable: Lexus coup captured on video

Camera images show how the Lexus drives over the intersection at low speed. The path ahead is clear, but for some reason—perhaps the driver is distracted by a phone or sat nav—the car veers too far to the right and hits the rear fender of a parked car.

Due to the impact, the Lexus suddenly rolls on its side despite the relatively low speed.

The oncoming car miraculously manages to bypass the emergency Lexus, which crashes right in front of it. At the end of the video, we see the driver of this car running down the street to make sure everything is okay with the driver of the Lexus.

However, given the speed at which the car was traveling and the way it rolled quite smoothly, it is unlikely that he was seriously injured.

Simple physics dictate that larger cars have a higher center of gravity. It is unlikely that an ordinary car in a similar situation would have suffered the same fate.

wind dash cam “There’s no reason why modern cars have to do this just by hitting a wheel.”

cat stevens “How stupid that everyone is now an SUV or SUV with a high center of gravity. Modern cars are terrible in the moose test (ed.: testing cars for stability during extreme maneuvers), and this is just an embarrassment to the industry.

Video: YouTube

Source: Z R


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