Sports cars were made at MAZ: yes/no?

In 1957, the Minsk Automobile Plant decided to create a sports car in the class up to 1600 cm.3 So there were two copies of the MAZ‑1500. Engine — from Moskvich‑407 with four carburetors K‑28B. The compression ratio was increased to 8.5. Fuel – gasoline A-93 or benzene mixture. Power – 60 hp at 5000 rpm.

The shape of the body was worked out on a plaster model – according to NAMI, NAMI made a body of fiberglass glued with BF-2 glue. The headlights and side lights are hidden in the wing recess, covered with a Plexiglas hood. The car has two sliding doors. There are slots on the sides for the exhaust of air from the engine compartment. The body did not have a separate frame and was attached to the frame.

The maximum speed of such an MAZ is 165 km/h.

Mikhail Kolodochkin has been collecting unusual facts from the history of technology for many years. For example, did you know what the “legs” on the headlights of the Zhiguli of the fifth and seventh model were for?

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