Expert Amirov announced when the Russian car market will stabilize

The Russian automotive market may stabilize in two to three months, said Oleg Amirov, founder of AutoExpert’s radio Sputnik. According to him, if in May sales of new cars in the Russian Federation fell by 83.5%, then at the beginning of June there is a reverse trend.

“The Russian car market is alive. I think it will take another two or three months to stabilize. Of course, we will not be able to reach the figures of last year in terms of the number of new cars sold, but still positive dynamics are observed.”

The expert noted that the demand for automobiles has increased due to low prices (about 10% compared to March-April) and the Central Bank’s key interest rate, which makes it possible to buy cars on credit. He also noted that showrooms still display cars from manufacturers leaving the Russian market, as suppliers are finding ways to circumvent the sanctions.

happened before knownIn Russia, demand for right-hand drive cars from Japan increased by 30-40%.

Source: Gazeta


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