I compared the petrol version with the diesel version: there are questions!

Opel Combo Life, 1.6 (115 hp), А6

  • Manufacturer -PSMA Rus LLC, Russia
  • Year of issue — 2021
  • In operation “Behind the wheel” – from August 2021
  • Mileage at time of report – 16,000 km

I had the chance to drive a Combo with a 1.6 diesel of 90 hp.

The most striking (and for many unpleasant) difference with the 115 hp petrol version: the diesel engine is only linked to a manual gearbox, the automatic does not match. Probably, this is also why the fuel consumption of the “gasoline” is almost one and a half times higher.

I compared the petrol version with the diesel version: there are questions!

The actual average consumption (half city road) for Combo Life with petrol engine and automatic transmission is 12 l/100 km. A diesel engine with mechanics consumes one and a half times less. Thus, every thousand kilometers of diesel saves about 2000 rubles.

On the track I hardly manage to “stack” the Combo at 10 l/100 km. Under the same conditions, the diesel consumes less than seven litres.

According to factory data, a 115 horsepower gasoline engine accelerates the “heel” almost a second faster. Although it seems subjective that the diesel is more dynamic.

Inside there is no more noise than in a car with a petrol engine. In some modes, the diesel is even quieter.

Overall a good engine. Still an automatic machine – there would be no price for it…

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  • “Behind the wheel” can also be read on VKontakte.

Source: Z R


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