OSAGO terms are shortened

For example, motorists do not have to spend extra money if the policy is only needed for driving, for example. The corresponding amendments to the law on OSAGO have been developed by the deputies of the LDPR faction.

“There are situations where an OSAGO policy is needed for a shorter period of time, for example for a trip or driving to another city. In this case, the driver must sign an OSAGO contract for one year and then terminate it. In such situations, it is more advantageous for the driver to pay a fine of 800 rubles for driving without an OSAGO policy, or taking into account a 50% discount from 400 rubles, than to take an OSAGO policy. buy, the average cost of which is more than 5000 rubles’, Izvestia quotes the text of the explanatory notes to the bill.

According to deputies, 3-4 million people travel in Russia without OSAGO policies or with false insurance. The ability to take out a one-month policy should significantly reduce the number of such offenders.

Due to the cost of entering into and maintaining an OSAGO agreement, the cost of a one-month policy will not be 12 times less than an annual one. Some experts speak of a price of 1/6. With an average policy price for, say, Lada Vesta, 4-5 thousand rubles, the cost of OSAGO for a month can be about 650-850 rubles.

Source: Z R


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