Editor-in-chief of Za Rulem nominated for prestigious award

Za Rulem, the oldest and most popular automotive publication in Russia, has nominated Maxim Kadakov, editor-in-chief of the magazine, to compete for the national award in the field of media business, Media Manager of Russia.

Anyone can participate in the vote. This is an important stage for the nominees, showing how popular they are. Maxim Kadakov is one of the most sought-after experts in the automotive market, whose views are heard by readers, public organizations and government agencies who involve him in discussing initiatives designed to help motorists and the automotive industry.

Maxim Kadakov, editor-in-chief of Za Rulem.

Maxim Kadakov, editor-in-chief of Za Rulem.

He is a frequent guest on television and radio, his statements are quoted by the country’s largest publications, he also has his own column in Komsomolskaya Pravda and the popular Telegram-channel.

The jury will take into account the voting results on the Prize’s website, but, as the competition organizers assure, the basis for awarding the Prize is the work of the nominees.

Support Maksim Kadakov by voting for him here, in the editor-in-chief nomination.

Your vote will show how important his social work is to you – motorists and the car industry.

Source: Z R


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