Cars are evacuated to impound without traffic police

Yesterday, the State Duma passed a law in its first reading that allows the authorities of the Moscow region (the specific body has not been determined) to evacuate illegally parked cars. Now only traffic police inspectors can do this. If the sign is accompanied by a sign saying “a tow truck is operating”, the decision to move the car is also made by an employee of the regional government. This decision does not abolish the powers of the traffic police, but only supplements them.

Moscow and St. Petersburg were granted such a right in 2013.

A representative of the Moscow regional Duma said vehicles parked with violations are hindering ambulances, firefighters and garbage trucks. As a result, about two thousand cars have to be evacuated every day, but the traffic police can only handle part of this work.

He assured the deputies that the authorities of the Moscow region have no task to replenish the budget in this way and that they will do everything they can to subsequently set the procedure for moving cars and the procedure itself as an example for other subjects.

The Duma suggested extending this practice to other regions.

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Source: Z R


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