Help yourself: how to save on car maintenance with car chemicals

And how can you save money on maintaining your “iron horse” if you can’t get to the price tags in car dealerships and workshops? There is a solution – to do it yourself, but using high-quality automotive chemicals.

You will say that imported chemical compounds have also risen in price and the highest quality manufacturers have left our market due to sanctions. And you will be absolutely right. But life does not stand still – after all, a holy place is never empty. The market does not tolerate emptiness – a new German brand has recently come to Russia reinwell, which was developed in Germany with all the associated consequences: high quality standards, the use of modern technologies and developments, an appropriate level of environmental safety. But production is organized in Russia, which has helped to really reduce production costs, while maintaining high quality standards. Initially, the company specialized in the production of professional and effective automotive chemicals for service stations, but with the arrival in Russia, the compositions were sold to private motorists. And what was previously only offered to customers of gas stations, is now available to the masses.

In other words, now our drivers can buy from a wide range businesses reinwell high-quality and affordable professional product for the repair or maintenance of your car. And there is plenty to choose from – these are specialty fluids, lubricants, cleaners, body repair products, tire and glass care products, engine and hydraulic oils, as well as a variety of upholstery materials. The question arises – how to understand the assortment and use these tools correctly?

Nothing complicated. Each product is placed in a convenient and practical packaging or container, which contains detailed instructions in Russian. In general, even novice drivers will have no problem using it. It would be a wish! And we have a lot of handy motorists. And why are we worse than the same Germans who, for more than half a century, have been using workshops hired for a few hours to service their cars themselves. Some do it as a hobby, and most do it to save money. developers reinwell make sure the size do it yourself (do it yourself) will also take root in Russia.

Without any doubt! After all, there is a demand for self-service car washes in our country?! Yes, and so much so that you often have to queue. So there is no doubt about the demand for a service product, as well as the desire of our compatriots to participate in the self-service of their car.

And now, on specific examples, we will deal with some resources. reinwell for technical use and interior cleaning.

Brake cleaner reinwell RW—38

The tool is a 500 ml aerosol can. As the name suggests, it quickly and effectively removes various contaminants, or: oil or dirt, grease, soot or soot, brake dust on brake pads and shoes, linings and housings. a drug usually used for dismantling a certain whole to remove everything superfluous from the surface, as well as for degreasing.

Help yourself: how to save on car maintenance with car chemicals

General Purpose Penetrating Lubricant reinwell Multi RW-40

For mechanics, this tool is simply irreplaceable. When servicing machines, you always have to deal with metal (or threaded) connections that are corroded and stuck due to high temperatures or dirt. Enough to spread aerosol with a capacity of 400 ml in the desired place, wait a few minutes – and you are ready to go. The lubricant has a high penetrating power, lubricates, dissolves rust, helps to restore the mobility of parts and hinges. By the way, the tool is widely used in everyday life. No wonder it has a prefix in its name Multi

Universal silicone grease reinwell RW-51

This lubricant is really versatile. It is not only used for processing the bodywork, interior and engine compartment of a car, but also in industry and even in everyday life. The product lubricates and protects conductors for power windows, seats, shutters, door and window mechanisms. And in winter, it excludes freezing and deformation of rubber seals of doors, hood and trunk, extends the life of all rubber products. Due to its high hygroscopicity, it improves the dielectric properties of the insulation of high voltage wires, prevents current leakage, which leads to interruptions in motor operation and difficult starting.

Help yourself: how to save on car maintenance with car chemicals

In addition, RW-51 is perfectly suited for the care of plastic windows. After all, the grease does not contain mineral oils, greases and chlorinated solvents.

Dirt-resistant grease with PTFE for locks and hinges reinWell RW-52

Universal white grease forms a durable layer on the treated surface to which dust, dirt and moisture do not adhere. In automobiles, it is used to lubricate locks, switches, slide bearings, electromechanical controllers and other mechanical gears, as well as telescopic antennas and door hinges. In addition, the content of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in the composition of the product provides: high grease resistance

Help yourself: how to save on car maintenance with car chemicals

It is impossible to overestimate the benefits of the RW-52 in everyday life. For everything in the household that needs to be lubricated and protected against corrosion, acids, salts and alkalis, you can safely use this lubricant.

Well, we’ve come to the salon

The company’s arsenal includes a wide range of different care products for plastic, leather and velour. In addition to maintenance, self-care of the interior allows you to significantly save on a comprehensive wash and be confident in the quality of the work performed. Moreover, reinWell cares about the consumer, and the composition of the products does not damage the materials if used improperly.

Plastic polishing compound reinwell RW—71

Many people use this polish to clean the interior of their car, but it is also suitable for cleaning plastic exterior parts. The tool not only effectively cleans the treated parts, but also restores the original appearance of all plastic parts of the car. If you constantly RW—71then the plastic of the dashboard and dashboard will not fade in the sun even after a few years.

Help yourself: how to save on car maintenance with car chemicals

The product is also suitable for processing vinyl and rubber parts, prevents the appearance of micro-cracks and maintains elasticity. Indicates unpainted bumpers, grilles, mirror caps and moldings almost new look.

Help yourself: how to save on car maintenance with car chemicals

Velor and upholstery cleaner reinwell RW—72

The name of the drug speaks for itself. Neither subtract nor add. The tool removes various contaminants from textile parts very quickly and efficiently, unless they are naturally dirty in the trash. Pay attention to old cured stains RW-71 may not be able to handle it. If the salon is not running, the chairs will look like new after processing.

Help yourself: how to save on car maintenance with car chemicals

air purifier with great success it is applied both in life and in production. After all, the foaming formula of the composition leaves the treated surface almost dry. Therefore, objects can be used immediately after cleaning or get right behind the wheel.

Help yourself: how to save on car maintenance with car chemicals

air conditioning cleaner
reinWell RW-73

With such a bottle available, there is no reason to sign up for a service where they charge you a decent amount for eliminating an unpleasant odor. It is only necessary to follow the step by step instructions to use this 150 ml bottle, which completely removes mold and bacteria in the ventilation and air conditioning system. At the same time, the product has a bactericidal and deodorizing effect, leaving a fresh aroma of menthol and eucalyptus after the procedure.

Help yourself: how to save on car maintenance with car chemicals

Now every Russian car enthusiast can save money by using professional car care products. Take over car maintenance and keep trips to car services to a minimum.

No wonder there’s a saying, “If you want to do it right, do it yourself!” The main thing is not to be afraid, and everything will be fine.

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