Where are you from?! The whole truth about Niva in one video

This spring, the Niva SUV celebrates its 45th anniversary – the very first production car rolled off the assembly line at the VAZ plant in Tolyatti on April 5, 1977. The Lada History project published on the VKontakte network a video of the same year when the Niva began its journey to the people. Soviet newsreels recorded fragments of road and laboratory tests, and also showed the car in its final form – that’s how the first buyers saw the Niva.

It’s interesting to see the mistrust in the village workers’ eyes when the factory testers show them the Niva. Recall that in those years there was still skepticism about the first VAZ models, which at first seemed too “tender” and sloppy compared to other Soviet cars. And here – an SUV … Will it pull against GAZs, UAZs and Volyn?

But just as the “one”, “two” and “troika” eventually earned a reputation, Niva quickly proved its worth.

We especially note the nature of the shooting – such reviews, even on the most uncompromising SUVs, are a rarity today. Niva in the frame creates incredible things for an ordinary driver – and especially for a modern, urban driver. It’s all the more pleasant to realize that this car is still with us, continues to improve, and continues to roll off the AVTOVAZ assembly line despite everything.

  • Incidentally, this model, now called Lada Niva Legend, is one of three models that AVTOVAZ can continue to produce, even if the current difficult situation develops unfavorably.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Video: VKontakte / Lada History

Source: Z R


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