What New Year’s discounts do car dealers offer Russians? “AutoSpetsCenter”: New Year’s discounts on cars in the Russian Federation 10-15% 28.12.2023, 18:11

Haval and Lada

Before the New Year, Haval cars are offered with a discount of 100-200 thousand rubles, depending on the model and configuration – this is a direct discount from the manufacturer, which is indicated in official price lists without exchange, credit. and insurance. In a conversation with a socialbites.ca correspondent, the manager of the Haval car dealership in the capital’s west of Moscow said that this promotion is valid until December 31.

So, at the dealership, the all-wheel drive Haval Jolion in the Elite configuration (1.5; “robot”) costs 200 thousand rubles cheaper, instead of 2.44 million rubles, the car is in the dealer’s warehouse.

“There is a new year discount now. Other cars will come in the 2024 model year and they will automatically be more expensive. At least for this 200 thousand rubles,” said a Haval dealer employee.

The second generation Geely Coolray crossover entered the Russian market at the end of autumn. A socialbites.ca correspondent contacted the Geely dealer in Kazan with the intention of purchasing this car for cash.

An employee of a car dealership offers such a car in the Luxury configuration (second after the basic one; 1.5 liters and front-wheel drive) with additional options (“extras”) – winter tires, fenders, floor mats, engine protection and alarm system – a direct discount of 50 thousand rubles taking into account for 2.8 million rubles.

The manager then contacted the executive and created a “personal offer.” They offered to take the crossover from the warehouse for 2.7 million rubles. At the same time, the recommended retail price (RRP) for a car in this configuration is 2.7 million rubles. Discounts are valid until the end of the year.

Dealers do not offer New Year’s discounts on Lada cars. On the other hand, it can be purchased at AvtoVAZ’s recommended retail price.

Thus, St. The manager of a Lada car dealership in St. Petersburg said that Vesta is available in Life configuration (1.6; 106 hp and manual) for 1.6 million rubles. This is the final price and you can pay in cash. He explained that there is a promotion for teachers, doctors and SVO participants that includes a 20% discount on credit purchases.

When asked about a possible increase in car prices, a dealer employee replied: “In the last six months, the price of Lada cars has increased twice, so next year something will probably change.”


The manager of the Moscow Chery car dealership offered to buy the front-wheel drive Tiggo 7 Pro Max in the basic configuration for 1.8 million rubles – 1 million rubles cheaper than the starting price of the car. But this amount takes into account all discounts, including selling an old car as trade-in and getting a car loan from a car dealer. He also refused to say the final cost of the car as it was a cash purchase.

“The recommended retail price of the car is 2.8 million rubles. The discount from the car dealer is taken into account here. “In any case, we’re making you an offer you can’t refuse,” the sales manager promised.

According to him, buying a car on credit is even more profitable than cash: for example, under the program “18 Years of Chery Friendship” the discount will be about 400 thousand rubles.

“If you don’t have your own car to trade in, maybe one of your relatives does? Because there are now very good discounts on this service.

Prices are expected to increase by 10% starting from the new year.

“There are no more four-wheel drive vehicles, everything is being dismantled,” the interlocutor warned.

There may be no stock left

There is now a 100% direct discount on cars in dealer warehouses, which is a December tradition. Renat Tyukteev, deputy general director for new car sales of the Avilon dealer holding, said that dealers are actively selling goods due to high interest rates on financing stocks.

“There are nearly 180 thousand cars in the warehouses of dealers and manufacturers.

Compared to January, which is not a very busy month, this stock will be enough for the dealer network to operate for 2.5 months.

There is no certainty that there will be big sales at the beginning of the year. Car prices have rarely fallen in the last 10 years. The short period of 2019, when the decline in prices was followed by an even more significant increase, can be considered an exception,” Tyukteev said.

On New Year’s Eve, discounts are applied to most models offered at dealerships, including new cars from Chery, Geely, Exeed and other Chinese brands.

The average discount is 10-15%, the dealer company AutoSpetsCenter told socialbites.ca.

“There are no mass sales of cars at the moment, because at the beginning of 2024, production in China will stop for a few months. Dealers keep stocks of 200 to 300 thousand vehicles to meet the current demand level. A new batch of Chinese cars will arrive on the Russian market in March or April,” a company representative said.

Avtodom dealer holding is confident that there will be no significant stock of 2023 cars in its dealer centers, especially after the big New Year’s discount.

One of the main indicators of the automobile business is the sales warehouse coverage rate. The company explained that previously dealers were guided by a coefficient of 2.5 (to sell 100 cars per month, their stock in the warehouse must be at least 250), now this figure is less than one.

“When purchasing the Li Auto L9 all-wheel drive crossover on credit, its cost can be reduced by 750 thousand rubles. Considering that the average loan term is 5 years, customers pay off most vehicle loans within 3 years. Early repayment of the loan reduces the amount of interest payments, which allows you to buy a car at a lower cost,” said a representative of the holding.

What are you thinking?

Russian car dealers are getting rid of 2023 model cars and selling them at a discount before the holiday. Chinese crossovers of various brands can be purchased for cash without using credit and barter, even cheaper than the manufacturer’s price, but with a discount of 200 thousand rubles with additional equipment. Details are in the article by socialbites.ca, which examines discounts on the best-selling cars in Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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