A trolleybus carrying passengers caught fire in Yekaterinburg 17:55

A trolleybus with passengers inside caught fire while moving in Yekaterinburg. In this respect reports E1.RU publication published images of eyewitnesses of the incident.

According to local residents, the trolleybus that caught fire stopped on Nachdiv onufriev Street. While fire crews were dispatched to the scene, there were no injuries in the incident. The mayor’s office said the cause of the fire was a short circuit and the trolley bus is planned to be decommissioned at the end of this month.

“Thanks to the skillful actions of the driver and conductor, the passengers were evacuated. The trolleybus cannot be restored. It is worth noting that the burning car was more than 20 years old. It was planned to be scrapped at the end of December. The message states that it will be replaced by a new Belarusian trolleybus.

On December 7, St. bus in St. Petersburg caught fire Driving on the Ring Road, landing in the Leningrad region later the same day burned another bus.

girlfriend before hit He was taken to the hospital after getting into a cheesecake that was tied to the car.

Source: Gazeta


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