Summer tires 2022: we name the most comfortable

When developing new tires, the nuances of their behavior are often tailored to this specific size, and the tests of such tires are of particular weight.

Of course, each motorist has their own approach to choose: someone is guided by the price, someone is guided by the respectability of the brand… But comfort is important to many (if not all!), so we decided to highlight kits that remind our experts of this property.

Tire test participants

These are the tires we tested:

  • Bridgestone Turanza T005
  • Continental Premium Contact 6
  • Cordian Comfort 2
  • Hankook Ventus PrimeĀ³ K125
  • Kumho Ecsta HS51
  • Nexen Nblue HD Plus
  • Nokian Hakka Blue 3
  • Nordman SZ2
  • Pirelli Cinturato P7 C2
  • Tiger High Performance
  • Viatti Strada 2 V-134
  • Yokohama BluEarth-GT AE51

Is comfort expensive? Not always!

Connoisseurs of comfortable driving will appreciate the Cordiant and Hankook tires. The course of the car on it is the softest, and the noise in the cabin is practically not annoying. But Continental, Nexen, Nokian and Yokohama are just as quiet, albeit slightly inferior to the frontrunners in terms of smoothness.

But not just comfort! Here’s how the above kits performed in our tests.

Hankook Ventus PrimeĀ³ K125

Tires showed modest braking performance on cold roads. But they recovered in decent aquaplaning resistance and longitudinal handling. And yes, they are the most comfortable – only Cordiant ranks on this basis.

Cordian Comfort 2

Summer tires 2022: we name the most comfortable

This kit has strong rolling resistance and weak longitudinal aquaplaning resistance. The wet braking properties are average. But in terms of comfort – first!

Nokian Hakka Blue 3

Summer tires 2022: we name the most comfortable

Nokian, in turn, is weakly resistant to transverse aquaplaning. In terms of rolling resistance – belching in the middle. But the range of strengths is impressive: excellent handling and stability, great wet braking. And internal noise – at the level of leaders.

Continental Premium Contact 6

Summer tires 2022: we name the most comfortable

The weaknesses are similar to the Nokian: the same sag properties in the resistance to lateral aquaplaning and rolling. But the positives are almost equal: confident braking on wet roads, excellent stability and road holding. And in terms of comfort, Continental is not far behind!

Nexen Nblue HD Plus

Summer tires 2022: we name the most comfortable

These tires especially do not like wet and cold weather: the lateral grip on wet roads is weak, as is braking on cold roads. But they are also quite comfortable. In addition, they have a high resistance to transverse aquaplaning and good handling.

Yokohama BluEarth-GT AE51

Summer tires 2022: we name the most comfortable

The option is, of course, a bit of a compromise. On wet roads, you’ll have to tolerate aquaplaning and be prepared to deal with surprises, but when it comes to braking, they won’t disappoint. In addition, they are slightly resistant to rolling and are distinguished by an exemplary silence.

Summer tires 2022: we name the most comfortable

But two of the models mentioned, Cordiant and Nexen, are among the most affordable on the Russian market. Although, of course, among the “state employees” there are enough uncomfortable ties. As well as some “top models” can not boast of special softness and silence …

However, noise and smoothness are not the only features. There are others. Read how the same tires performed in the general classification via this link. There you will also find a summary table with other parameters of the tested tires.

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  • “Driving” can be seen on YouTube.

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