“I’m in a position”: Achinka tried to avoid punishment, which caused pity from traffic cops 13:47

A woman who was deprived of her driver’s license in Achinsk asked the traffic police not to give a fine, saying she was pregnant. In this respect reports State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The traffic police team stopped the Toyota Corolla Fielder, whose driver did not allow the pedestrian to pass. It turned out that the driver was a girl born in 1993, and while checking her documents, it turned out that she had been deprived of her driver’s license for a year this summer because she repeatedly crossed into the opposite lane.

According to the traffic police, the woman tried to avoid punishment by playing on the emotions of the inspectors and reporting that she was pregnant. The police filed a report on the grounds that he was driving without a license and did not give the pedestrian the right of way. Traffic inspectors also found that the criminal was one of the administrators of groups in various instant messengers that inform drivers about the location of traffic police teams.

“Such actions are complicit in car accidents on the road. After all, by reporting where the traffic police team is standing, you may be helping a drunk driver to drive around the city, calmly bypassing checkpoints, or similar deprived people who believe that it is not necessary to let pedestrians pass,” said the Inspectorate.

Formerly resident of Magnitogorsk organized Racing with traffic cops and getting involved in a major accident.

Source: Gazeta


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